It works well near houseplants, kitchen fruit baskets, trash cans. I have one next to the plant.

Yes, just remove the film from the sticky pad, install it on the device and plug it into the socket. You need to press the switch to start working.

Not one bit. No smell either. It’s easy to set up. Easy to dispose of. And easy to plug in and not look awful, unlike those hanging fly traps , ugggg!!

Yes. Same company, approx 90 cents each, if you order the 12 pack. about $11

It’s actually a device that emits UV light…flying insects are attracted to the UV light and then caught by the sticky glue card.

Yes, but depending on the size of the porch it’s better in smaller areas.‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

You could leave it until the front and back are full before removing.

It faces the the wall. Keeps bugs from being seen.

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